EVIL BEAVER: Pleased to Eat You: CD

Jun 10, 2008

Well, I have to say that this CD got my attention very quickly with not only the band name and album title, but the song titles and the fact that there were two attractive ladies on the CD sleeve as well. When I popped it in, however, it was something I wasn’t expecting. I was all ready to hear some low brow porn/thrash/metal/punk a la Stool Sample or something like it. This turned out to be more of an emo/metal CD. I’m not too familiar with this genre so I will have to take some steps back to compare it to what I remember. Grunge is the first word that pops into my head. For instance, if this was 1993, they would have no trouble getting signed to Sub Pop. It’s got a deep, fuzzy sound with decent female vocals singing melodically at times and angry and others. This appears to be two females, one on drums and one on bass. No guitar. It’s not absolutely terrible, but I think this first listen will be its last.

 –toby (Johann’s Face)