Mar 17, 2009

I grabbed this mostly because I was surprised to see that Taang! was still an active label. Although, judging by the copyrights on the package, this might have come out in 2007. Everybodyout reminds me of what one would get if they mashed the accessible Boston bands from the nineties (Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Avoid One Thing, Dropkick Murphys, etc.) together and maybe sprinkled it with a Duane Peters band minus all the grit. The band takes shots at folk (“Billy Cole”), ska (“Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”), NY Doll-ish rock and roll (“All I Got”), and a lot of gang-chorus, sing-a-long punk. In the process of trying to tackle so much, it tends to sound like the band lacks an identity of its own. It’s like listening to a competent but non-stimulating cover band. Putting this CD on really makes me want to listen to a US Bombs or Bosstones album instead.

 –Adrian (Taang!)