Every Record Review from Razorcake #84: Posted in One PDF

Feb 09, 2015

With several hundred record reviews done every rotation, we’re only able to print half of them. Though we do post every review written to our site. Which can be found here: /record-reviews.


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Features reviews of:
AARON & THE BURRS: Release the Bats!:7”, ACID BABY JESUS: Vegetable:7” EP, ALL BLOOD: The Kids Have No Taste: Cassette, ANGRY DEAD PIRATES, THE: Garage Music for Mind and Body: LP, ASYLUM: Self-titled:7”, ASYLUM: Self-titled: 7”, AUSMUTEANTS: Order of Operation: LP , AUSMUTEANTS: Fed through a Tube: 7”, AWESOME AND THE ASSKICKERS: Quit Fucking with Our Crops!: CD, BAD ADVICE: You Suck!: CDEP, BARRERACUDAS: “Promises, Promises” b/w “Young & Dumb”: 7”, BASIC SKILLS REVIEW: Self-titled: 7” EP, BASICKS: Take a Ride: CD, BATS, THE: Demo 5:26:84: 12”EP, BATTERED CITIZENS: Police Brutality: LP, BAUS: Idol Minds: LP, BEDS, THE: Ride Again: Cassette, BEEKEEPERS: Self-titled: 7” EP, BEN DISASTER: “Another Word” b/w “Come Alive, Close My Eyes”: 7”, BEN DISASTER: Another Word: 7”, BETTER OFF DAMNED: Endless Fight: CD, BETTER OFF DAMNED: Endless Fight: CD, BIG CRUX: Ponchito: LP, BITCH QUEENS: Kill Your Friends: CD, BLACK RAINBOW: Self-titled: LP, BLACK ROSE BAND: Road Kill from the Lost Bayou, Boogie Woogie Wasteland: 2 x Cassette, BLIND SHAKE, THE: Breakfast of Failures: LP, BLOWFLY: Black in the Sack: LP, BLUE BLOODS, THE: Non-Rhotic:CD, BODY FUTURES: Brand New Silhouettes: LP, BOYS: Demo 2013: 7”, BREAKOUT: True Crime:7” EP, BREAKOUT: True Crime:7” EP, BRIAN MCGEE: Ruin Creek: LP, BRIMSTONE HOWL: Blowhard Deluxe: LP , BRODY’S MILITIA: Napalm Zeppelin Raids: EP, BROKEN THINGS: Four Songs: CD-R, BROOD, THE: Defective:7”, BUCK BILOXI AND THE FUCKS: Culture Demanufacturer: LP, BUZZCOCKS: The Way: CD, CAFFIENDS: Self-titled:LP, CASSILIS: Quitting: LP , CASTRO: The River Need: CD, CAVES: Betterment: Cassette, CHEAP CASSETTES, THE: All Anxious, All the Time: CD, CHUMPED:Teenage Retirement: LP/CD, CJ RAMONE: “Understand Me?” b/w“Rise Above”: 7”, CLASS OF 86: Future on Fire: 12” LP, COLLAPSE: Disarm: 7”EP, CONTINGENT: Homme Sauvage: 7”single, COPYRIGHTS, THE: Report: CD, COTILLION:Self-titled: Cassette, COZY: Button by Button: LP, CURTIS SEALS / CHRISTIAN D’ORBIT: “The Scandalizer” b / w “Drive Me Crazy”: 7”, DARK GYPSIES: Greco’s Back: CD, DEAD SPACE, THE: Faker: LP, DEATH TO TYRANTS: Untitled:7”EP , DEATHWISH: Self-titled: Box Set, DEATHWISH: Six Bullet Roulette: 7” , DECADES/FAILURES: 002: Cassette, DEVIANTS, THE: Have Left the Planet: CD, DFL: Earn Your Scars: CD, DIGITAL LEATHER / THE HUSSY: Split: LP, DIRTY FENCES: Ladies Choice:7”, DOT DASH!: Humanity Will Fall / Devastation: CD, DRUGS DRAGONS: II & I/II: LP, DUCK & COVER: Self-titled: LP, DYSTOPIA: Human=Garbage: 2 x LP, EASTER TEETH: Being Alone with Your Thoughts Is for Inmates: CD, EL JIMMY: De Puta Madre: CDEP-R, ERGS, THE: Dorkrockcorkrod: LP, ESPECTROSTATIC: Escape from Witchtropolis: LP, FILMSTRIP: Moments of Matter: LP, FISTULA: Northern Aggression: 12”, FISTULA: Vermin Prolificus: LP, FLAREUP / GIRL: Split: Cassette, FRAU: Self-titled: LP, FREAK VIBE: Prostration: Cassette, G. GREEN: Area Codes: LP, G.F.P. / SCHEISSE MINNELLI: Best at Its Worst:12”, GAMES: Little Elise: 7”, GENERACION SUICIDA: Todo Termina: 12”, GHB: Self-titled: 7”, GINO AND THE GOONS: Shake It!: LP, GIVV: Self-titled: Cassette, GLOBAL UNIFIED: Self-titled: CD, GOD GIVEN ASS: Keeping Up Appearances!: 7”, GOOO: Globular Clusterfuck: Cassette, GREG HOY & THE ENABLERS: Hair of the Mouth: CD, GUNK: Gradual Shove: LP, HADDONFIELDS, THE: That’s My Bike: CD-R, HARD CHARGER / SOTOS: Split: LP, HARD LEFT: Skinheads Home for Christmas:7”, HARD SKIN: We Are the Wankers:7” , HARSH REALMS: Pølp: CD, HAUNTED HEADS: Self-titled: CDEP, HDQ: When Worlds Collide: 7”, HEXIS: XI: LP, HILLTOP RATS: Self-titled: CD, HOLLY & PLASTIC: We Will Give This World Away: CD, HORROR SECTION / EATEN BACK TO LIFE: Split in Two: LP, HOT TIP: Demo: Cassette, HYSTERESE: Self-titled: LP, I LOVE YOU BUT I’VE CHOSEN DARKNESS: Dust: LP, IMPALERS: Psychedelic Snutskallar: 12”, INANICION: Demo: Cassette, INTERCOURSE: Self-titled: Cassette, INVISIBLE TEARDROPS, THE: “Cereal Killer” b/w “Little Killer”: 7”, KADDISH: Thick Letters to Friends: LP , KILL THE HIPPIES: You Will Live with Us Forever: LP , KIMBERLY STEAKS, THE: To Live and Die in West Central Scotland: LP, KLITZ, THE: Sounds of Memphis ‘78: 7”, KLITZ, THE: Sounds of Memphis, ‘78: 7”, KNAVES GRAVES: Discography: Cassette, KOMPLIKATIONS: Going Down: 12”, KUKEN: Black Rose: 7”, LAGWAGON: Hang: CD, LAGWAGON: Hang: LP, LEAGUES APART: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men: LP, LEBAKKO: Elävien Kuolleiden Yö: LP, LESS THAN JAKE: See the Light: CD, LILITH VELKOR: Lone:LP, LOPEZ, THE: Travel Fast: Cassette, LOSS, THE: Last Rites: 7”, LOST WARNING: Never Surrender: EP, LOW DERIVE: Keto:7”, LUICIDAL: Self-titled: CD, LYCKA TILL: Rakt over Munnen: LP, MAD DOCTORS, THE: Snake Oil Superscience: LP, MANATEEES:Sit n Spin: LP, MANDATES, THE: Suspicion: 7”, MANTS, THE: Destroyed by Fuzz: 7” EP, MASK FACTORY: Self -titled: CDEP, MDFY: Derivative Processes: Cassette, MEATBODIES: Mud Gals: 7” Single, MERCY MUSIC: When I Die, I’m Taking You with Me: CD, MERIDIAN: The Cathedral: LP, MIDNIGHT CRISIS: Self-titled: 7” EP, MIDNIGHT PLUS ONE: Like Camera: 7”, MIKE REP AND FRIENDS: Darby Creek Drifter: LP, MISCALCULATIONS: Self-titled: LP, MISS DESTINY: House of Wax: 7”, MÖBIUS STRIP: Palabras Podridas: 7” EP, MONSIEURS, THE: Self-titled: CD, MONSIEURS, THE: Self-titled: LP, MONSTER JAW: Losing All My Friends: CDEP, MOTHER OF SORROWS: II:CD, MOTHER’S CHILDREN: Lemon: LP, MOVMENT: Driven:7”, MUFFS, THE: Whoop Dee Doo:CD, MYSTERIOUS SKIN: Demo ‘14:Cassette, NAPALMPOM: The Unconditional Love of Napalmpom: LP, NARCOMAN: Demo: Cassette , NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS: Recovery: LP, NEW JUNK CITY: Self-titled: LP, NICK OLIVERI’S UNCONTROLLABLE: Leave Me Alone: CD, NIMBWITS, THE: To Punk or Not to Be: CD, NO LOVE: Tape # 2: Cassette, NO MARKS, THE: Light of One: LP/CD, NUMBER ONES, THE: Self-titled: LP, OMEGA MOO: The Sound and the Fury: CD, ORATIONS: Demo: Cassette , ORCHID: Totality: LP, PANIC BEATS, THE: A Date with Death: CD, PANZERBASTARD:Gods, Thugs & Madmen: 10”, PARTY DRESS, THE: Self-titled: 7”, PONG: Gone: CD, POSITIVE NO: Automatic Cars: 7”, PROTES BENGT: In Bengt We Trust: 7” EP , PULLING PUNCHES: Former Friends: CD, PULLING PUNCHES: Lighten Up, Burn It Down: CD-R, PUNCH: They Don’t Have to Believe: CD/LP, PURPLE 7: Jewel Finger: LP, QUITTERS: Contributing to Erosion: LP, RAJOITUS / RATSTAB: Split: 7” EP, RAKTA: Self-titled: 7”, RATIONAL ANTHEM:Emotionally Unavailable: LP, RAVAGE FIX: Self-titled: 7” EP, RAWHIDE: Murder One: LP, REAGAN’S POLYP: Deadenator: CD , REAL NUMBERS: What Was & What Is: CD, REAL TEARS, THE: Self-titled: CD, REBEL SPELL, THE: Last Run: CD, RESENT: Self-titled: 7”, REV. NORB & THE ONIONS:Self-titled: LP, RICKY C QUARTET, THE: Recent Affairs:LP, RITUAL MESS: Vile Art: LP, ROCKET 3: Burn: CD, ROSELIT BONE: Blacken & Curl: LP, ROTTEN UK: Bat Shit Crazy: 7”EP, SEB AND THE RHAA DICKS: Self-titled: CD, SEX RAYS: Self-titled: 7”, SHARKPACT: Run: LP, SHITTY NIGHTS: Rick Kid Jokes: Cassette, SICK THOUGHTS:Fat Kid with a 10 Inch: 10”, SICK THOUGHTS: Terminal Teenage: LP, SIN 34: Do You Feel Safe?: CD, SKINNY GENES: Meh: 7” , SLANG: Glory Outshines Doom: CD, SLEDGEBACK:Land of the Freak: CD, SLUGGA: Demo 2014: Cassette, SNOOZER: Cottage Cheese: Cassette , SO COW: The Long Con: LP, SOUNDS OF THREAT: Creature of Habit: CD, SPACE RAFT: Self-titled: LP/CD, STELLA: Big Table No People: Cassette, STICKERS: Swollen:LP, STORMTROOPER: I’m a Mess: 7” + CD, STRAIGHT ARROWS: Rising: LP, SUBSETS: Twothousandfourteen:Cassette, SURROUNDED BY THIEVES: Self-titled:LP, SWEET EMPIRE: Old Ideas Keep Fighting Us: CD/LP, SWINGIN’ UTTERS: Fistful of Hollow: LP, SYNTHETIC ID: Escapement: 7”, TOUMING MAGAZINE: Self-titled: 7”, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Atlanta—Inside Out: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Careful What You Step in Vol. 2: 7”, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Lux Noise Compilation 2014: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Part Time Punks Session Sampler 5: 2 x CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Red Scare Industries: 10 Years of Your Dumb Bullshit!: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Roaster: 10”, VARIOUS ARTISTS: The New Wave of the Grave New Beat: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: They Came to Destroy the Carolinas: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Two Way Tie for Last: Cassette, VIBRATORS:Punk Mania: Back to the Roots: CD, VICIOUS CYCLES MC, THE: Bad News Travels Fast: LP, WANK FOR PEACE: Fail Forward: CD, WAR/PLAGUE Temperaments of War: 7” EP, WATCHER’S WOODS: Autumn: Cassette, WHEN THERE IS NONE: Warpaint: LP, WHITE ASS: Self-titled: LP, WORMWORD: Self-titled: CDEP, WRIGGLE: Demo: Cassette, WYATT BLAIR: Banana Cream Dream: Cassette , YOLKS, THE: Kings of Awesome: LP, YOUNG LADIES: We Get By: LP, YOUR PEST BAND: Time to Go: LP, ZEX: Wanderlust: 7” single,