Every Record Review from Razorcake #83: Posted in One PDF

Dec 16, 2014

With several hundred record reviews done every rotation, we’re only able to print half of them. Though we do post every review written to our site. Which can be found here: /record-reviews.

For the first time we’ve collected them all and have them available in a handy PDF.


If you don't have Adobe Reader, you'll need it, and you can download it for free here.

Thanks for reading!

Features reviews of:
48 THRILLS: That’s How It Go!Oh!Ohs!:CD , ACHTUNGS, THE: Full of Hate: LP, ACxDC: Discography 03-13: Picture Disc: LP, ADVLTS: Self-titled: EP, AGGROCULTURE: Destiny Calls: 7”EP, AJ DAVILA: Terror Amor:LP, AMBER / LOCKTENDER: Split: EP, AMERICAN MEMORIES: Dreadful Night: Cassette, AMISTAD: Amistad Y Rebelión: LP, AMOEBAS: “Telephone” b/w “Ain’t About Her”: 7” , ANGER HOUSE: Asleep: 7”, ANOMALYS, THE: Deadline Blues: 7”, ANONYMOUSE: 2014 Demo: Cassette, ANTI-FLAG: A Document of Dissent: CD, ANTI-NOWHERE LEAGUE: We Are…The League…Uncut: CD, AR-KAICS, THE: Self-titled: LP, ARMADA, LA: Crisis: 12”EP , ARNDALES: Dog Hobbies USA: 12” EP, ATTALLA: Self-titled: CD, AUDACITY: Juvajive: 10”, AUTONOMY / NO SIR I WON’T: Split:LP, BAD DATES: Self-titled: Cassette, BAD DOCTORS, THE: Burning City: LP, BAD IDEAS, THE / RED KATE: Split: 7”, BARBATOS / RAPEGOAT: Split: 7”, BASTARD CHILDREN: To Kill in Cold Blood: LP, BATON ROUGE: Totem: LP, BEACH SLANG: Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?: 7”EP, BEAR TRADE: Blood and Sand: LP, BEDLAM: Mr. Rejex: CD-R, BENEATH THE CELLAR: Lesions: CD, BENEDICKTUX:Pravus Musica: CDEP, BILDERS: 2014:7”, BITTER FRUIT: It Gets Worse:CD, BLACK WINE: Yell Boss: LP, BLANK PAGES: Self-titled: LP, B-LINES: Opening Band: LP, BLUNT FORCE: 2014 Demo: Cassette, BRICK MOWER: Teenage Graceland: LP, BURNERS: Adults: Cassette , BURNING KITCHEN: Many Wonder about the Meaning of Life…(1993-2000): 2 x LP, BUZZCOCKS, THE: The Way: CD, CAL AND THE CALORIES: Demo: 7”, CAMPAIGN: Enemies:Cassette, CANADIAN RIFLE: Deep Ends:Cassette, CANCERS: “Dig” b/w “Moral Net”:7”, CAPITALIST KIDS: At a Loss: CD, CARTE DE VISITE: Be a River: 7”, CASTRO: Hidden Agenda: 7”, CHEST PAIN: Weltschmerz: LP, CINEMA CINEMA: A Night at the Fights: CD, COL•LAPSE:Enfonsat: LP, COLD BEAT: Over Me: LP, COLD CIRCUITS: Out of Hat Yai: LP, CORRUPT BASTARDS / CALAFIA PUTA: Split 2012: CD-R, COVE: Self-titled: LP, CRIME: Murder by Guitar: LP, CRIME: Murder by Guitar: LP, CROW BAIT: Sliding through the Halls of Fate: CD, CRUDE STUDS: Self-titled: 7”EP, CRYPTICS, THE: Continuous New Behavior: LP, CURTIS HARDING: Soul Power: CD, D BERRY ROOTH: Junkie Fuck: CD-R, DADDY LONG LEGS: Blood from a Stone: CD, DARTO: Hex:12” EP, DASHER: “Go Rambo” b/w “Time Flys”: 7”, DEAD ANYWAYS, THE: Direct Me Home: CD, DEAD BARS: Self-titled: 7”, DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Street Venom: Cassette, DESTRUCTORS, THE: Dolor Googler: CD, DEVIANTS, THE: Barbarian Princes: Live in Japan 1999: CD + DVD, DFMK: Negatividad: 7”, DIRTY NIL, THE: “Cinnamon” b/w “Guided by Vices”:7”, DISTRACT / WARRIOR TRIBE: Split: Cassette, DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS: Fired from the Circus: 2 x LP/CD, DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS: Fired from the Circus: 2 x LP/CD, DON’T: “89” b/w “Dead End Drive”: 7”, DRIP, THE: A Presentation of Gruesome Poetics: CDEP, DUKE DECTER ARMY / F: Split: 7”, DWARVES: Invented Rock ‘n’Roll: LP, DWARVES: Invented Rock’n’Roll: Cassette, EARWORMS: Self-titled: LP, ECHOES: The Pursuit:CD, EL CAMINO CAR CRASH: Routine:12” EP, ESCAPIST, THE: Self-titled: 7”, ETTES: Cry on My Shoulder: 7”, EUREKACALIFORNIA: Crunch: LP, EVEN HAND: Self-titled: LP, EWA BRAUN: Love Peace Noise: CD, EXTENDED SUICIDE: Self-titled: MLP, EXTERNAL MENACE: Coalition Blues: LP, FAILURES’ UNION: Tethering: LP, FIFTEEN DEAD / POPULATION ZERO: Split:LP, FLESH LIGHTS: “No Longerb/w You Don’t Know”: 7”, FLESH WOUNDS: Self-titled: LP, FOR SERIOUS THIS TIME: Weird Life:12” EP, FORN: The Departure of Consciousness: LP, FREEZE, THE: Undercover:CDEP , FREEZE, THE: Universal Punishment:CDEP, FUCKED UP: Year of the Dragon:12”EP, FUNS, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP, GAGGERS, THE: Sharp Lies: 7”, GASCHAMBER: Kairos Will Erase: Cassette, GBH: Dover Showplace 1983: CD, GERBIA: Lâche L’école: LP, GET HUMAN: Garden Leave: CD, GHOST KNIFE: Garrote Guarantee: 7”, GLASS HITS / ACCORDION CRIMES: Split EP: 7”, GLASSES: Homage: Cassette, GODSTOMPER / TERLARANG: Split: LP, GOING TO HELL: Lick Your Wounds: 7”, GOLDEN PELICANS: Self-titled: 12” EP, GOLDEN PELICANS: Self-titled: LP, GOTOBEDS, THE: Poor People are Revolting: LP, GRADE ONE: The Porcelain Doll Collection:CD   , GRAND COLLAPSE: Far from the Callous Ground:LP, GREAT DISMAL SWAMIS, THE: Phantom Tollbooth: 7”, GREAT SABATINI, THE: Dog Years: LP, GUERRILLA MONSOON: Big City Plans: 10” EP , GUN CLUB: Destroy the Country: CD, GUN CLUB: Moonlight Motel: CD, GUN CLUB: Destroy the Country: LP, GUTTERS, THE: Self-titled: LP, H.D.Q.: “When Worlds Collide” b/w “Dismantled”: 7”, HALFWAY TO HELL CLUB: Bridges, Matches & Gasoline:CD, HARABALL: Half Tux: LP, HARD ONS: Peel Me like an Egg:LP/CD , HARD-ONS, THE: Peel Me like an Egg: CD, HI HO SILVER, AWAY!: Chore: CD, HI HO SILVER, AWAY!: Chore: LP, HIP PRIESTS, THE: Black Denim Blitz: CD, HOBOCOP: Half Man, Half Cop: LP, HOLY: Seclusion MMXIV: 12” EP, HOUSE SOUNDS: Interrrobang:Cassette, HUMAN THERAPY: American Dream: 7” EP, IMPO & THE TENTS: Peek after a Poke: LP, INDONESIAN JUNK: Demo: CD, INTELLIGENCE:Boredom and Terror/Let’s Toil:2 x LP, INVERSION: Basement Demo: Cassette, ITCHY-O: Burn the Navigator: CD, IVY: Self-titled: LP, JLK: Babysitter:Cassette, JOHN WESLEY COLEMAN, III: The Love That You Own: LP, JOLTS, THE: Hammer Every Nail: 7”, KAM KAMA: Shift: LP, KGB, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP, KOOL STUFF KATIE: Self-titled: CD, KRANG: Bad Moon: LP, LANSBURY: Everything Went Static: LP, LEECHES: Lords of Dullsville: LP, LEMONS, THE: Hello, We’re the Lemons: Cassette, LENGUAS LARGAS: Come On In: Cassette, LENGUAS LARGAS: Come On In: LP, LENGUAS LARGAS: Come On In: LP, LIBERATED SQUID: Double EP:CD, LICKERS, THE: Get Licker’d: CD, LINE TRAPS: Demo 1: Cassette, LIVING ALONE: Self-titled: 12” EP, LOW CULTURE / NEEDLES//PINS: Split: 7” , LUUM: Self-titled: 7”, MAD CADDIES: Dirty Rice:CD, MAIMED FOR LIFE: Self-titled:LP, MAKE IT PLAIN / DEEP POCKETS: Split: 7”, MAN, THE: Self-titled: 7”EP, MANDATES: “Suspicion” b/w “Wastin’ Time”: 7”, MANTS, THE: Destroyed by Fuzz: 7”, MARDOU: You’re Not Going to Live Forever: Cassette, MARGY PEPPER: Deep Water Dark Water: Cassette, MARK PLASMA: Embrace Technology: Cassette, MARY MONDAY: “I Gave My Punk Jacket to Rickie” b/w “Popgun”: 7”, MEATBODIES / WAND: Split: 7” , MEATBODIES: Mud Gals: 7”, MIDWEST BEAT, THE: Free of Being: CD, MINUS WORLD: Eat Sleep Die: CD, MISCONDUCTERS:Hypnopaedia: CD, MORTALS: Cursed to See the Future: CD, MVPS, THEE: Oh Sally: 7”, NASTY, THE: Primitive Motive: LP, NATURAL CHILD: Dancin’ with Wolves: CD, NEARLY DEAD: Self-titled: LP, NEGATIVE STANDARDS: VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI: LP, NEW JUNKCITY:Self-titled: Cassette, NEW SWEARS: Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whatever: LP, NO SIR, I WON’T: Shit!: LP , NOTHING: Guilty of Everything: CD, O INIMIGO: Personalidades Plasticas: LP, OGRE: Bastards of Death: CD, OLD MAN STRENGTH: Woke up Swinging: 7”, ORDEN MUNDIAL: Obediencia Debida: LP, OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY: The Digital Age: CD, PATHETIC HUMAN: Public Disgrace: EP , PEARS: Go to Prison: LP/CD , PENETRATORS: “Shopping Bag” b/w “Everybody Needs Loving”: 7”, PETER STAMPFEL AND THE BROOKLYN & LOWER MANHATTAN BANJO SQUADRON: Better Than Expected: CD, PHENOMENAUTS: Escape Velocity: CD, PIZZA TIME: U Wanna Pizza Me?: Cassette, PLOW UNITED: Goodnight Sellout!: LP, POW!:One Eyed Scorpion: 7”, PREGNANCY SCARES: Mind Control: 7” EP, PRIESTS: Bodies and Control and Money and Power: CD, PRIMITIVE MAN / HEXIS: Split: 10” EP, PROTESTANT:In Thy Name: LP, PYRRHON: The Mother of Virtues: CD, QUAALUDES: Nothing New: 7”EP, RAF: Come On!: 10”, RAMMA LAMMA: Ice Cream: LP, RANCID VAT: We’re Still Better Than You: CD, RATOS DE PORAO: Seculo Sinestro: CD, RAY CREATURE: Self-titled: LP, RAZORHEADS: Self-titled: Cassette, REAGAN’S POLYP: AmericaNeeds More Ass: CD, REAGAN’S POLYP: Facefuckingbatspermantidotepudding: CD, RED KATE: When the Troubles Come: LP, RED TAPE: Bless Me Father, For I Have Sinned: LP, REPELLERS / DEAD HAND: Split: 7”, REPLICA: Beasts: 7” EP, RESIST CONTROL: Cessation: LP, REXX: Death, and Other Ways to be Artsy: Cassette, RHYTHM OF CRUELTY: Dysphoria: LP, RICH HANDS, THE: Out of My Head: Cassette, RIDGELANDS, THE: Daggers Down: LP, ROCHELLE ROCHELLE: Self-titled: Cassette, ROMAN CANDLES: “Yorba Linda” b/w “Crystal Cathedral”: 7”, ROYAL PINES: Three Sheets: LP, RUINED FAMILIES: Blank Language: LP, RUINS / USNEA: Split: EP, SAM RUSSO / BRENDAN KELLY: Split:7”, SASHCLOTH AND AXES: Zeus: LP, SCUMRISE: Super Hits: Cassette, SEAGULLS: The Royal We/ All the World’s Wars: CD-R, SELF ABUSE:Teenage: LP, SERIOUS SAM BARRETT: Any Road: LP, SERPENTINE PATH: Emanations: CD, SETE STAR SEPT / NEW YORK AGAINST THE BELZEBU: Spilt: EP, SHANKS, THE: Surfing the Lexicon: LP, SIAMESE TWINS: Still Corner: LP, SIGHTLINES / CRYSTAL SWELLS: Split: 7”, SISTERKISSER / RUMSPRINGER: Split: 7” EP, SLOW SCIENCE / THE DAUNTLESS ELITE: Split: 12” , SLUTS: 12” of Sluts: LP, SMOOTH BRAIN: One of Them: 7”, SNAKE HANDLER: Enjoy the View: 7”, SNIFFS, THE: A Bad Time: Cassette, SNOOKYS, THE: Steroids:7” EP, SOFTLINES: Self-titled: Cassette, SONIC CHICKEN 4: Self-titled: LP, SONNY VINCENT: Cyanide Consommé:CD, SONNY VINCENT: Cyanide Consommé:LP, SONNY VINCENT: Cyanide Consommé: LP, SPEEDWELL: Start to Finish: CD, SPERM: Yahweh Brings Us to This Hell: Cassette, STAPLES IN CARPET: Self-titled: CD, STE MCCABE: Brains of Britain:CD, STERILE JETS: Liquor Store: CD, STONECHAT: Bacco: CD, STREET SHARK: Heart Age:Cassette, SUFFERING MIND / GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM: Split: EP, TANGO VIOLENZO: The Submission EP: 7”, TEARGAS ROCK: Self-titled: 12” EP, TEE PEES, THEE: Self-titled: LP, TESTORS: Complete Recordings 1976-1979: 2 x LP, THERE MUST BE A HOLE IN YOUR MEMORY: A Tribute to Adrian Borland and The Sound:CD, THINGZ, THE: Red Future:LP, THREE ROUNDS/ JUNKIE FIGHT SPLIT: Split: 7”EP , TIMEKILLER: Bleed Out: 7” EP, TIMMY VULGAR: Timmy 45: 7”, TOY STORE RIOT: Viva Chile: 7”, TRACY BRYANT / BILLY CHANGER: 2 in 1: Split: Cassette, TRASH AXIS: Grotesque: LP, UGLY PARTS: Wet: Cassette, ULTRAMANTIS: Black:CD, UNFUN: Caroline: 7” , UNFUN: Shores of Lake Erie:12” EP, UNKNOWN COMPONENT: Arbitrary Ambiguity: CD, UNRESTRAINED: Forward onto Death: LP, UNWED: “Made Of” b/w “Pope”: 7”, VAMPIRES: Every Kind of Light EP: Cassette, VAN BURENS, THE: Presidential Lovefest: CDEP, VARIOUS ARTISTS: 4-Way Split: 7” EP, VARIOUS ARTISTS: A Fist Full of Singles: 7”, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Bloodstains across Buffalo:LP, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Captcha Records: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Drink, Fight, Fuck Volume 4: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: GC Records 15 Year Anniversary Comp: LP, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Shake/arama ‘14: Cassette, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Something to Dü: 7” EP, VARIOUS ARTISTS: Sounds of Sodium: CD, VARIOUS ARTISTS: This Is West Coast, Hella Tight Fer Dayz N Shit: Cassette, VEUVE SS: O.P.L.T. & O.S.C.: EP , VIDEO: “Cult of Video” b/w “City of Hate”:7”, VIDEO: “Cult of Video” b/w “City of Hate”: 7”, VIVID SEKT: From Ruin: 7”, WE’RE WOLVES: Energy Crisis: EP, WHAT TYRANTS: “Hanging Out in Havana” b/w “Far Out”: 7”, WHITE WHALE: Demo: Cassette, WIDE ANGLES: Smile More: LP, WILD BILLY CHILDISH AND CTMF: “Punk Rock Enough for Me” b/w “Zero Emission”: 7”, WILD HEX: II: Cassette, WILDHONEY:Seventeen Forever: 7”, WRECKED LEXUS: Demo: Cassette, XETAS: “The Silence” b/w “The Knife”: 7”, X-RAYS!: Jameson Shot: 7”, YOUR PEST BAND: Smash Hits!!: 2008-2011: LP, YOUR PEST BAND: Ya Ya Ya: Cassette, ZENTRALHEIZUNG OF DEATH: Would You Rather…?: LP, ZERO BOYS, THE: Monkey: CD, ZIELONE ŻABKI:Zgorzelec 1988: LP, ZIG ZAGS: Self-titled: CD, ZIPLOCK: Self-titled: LP, ZOLTARS, THE: Walking through the Dark: Cassette