EVERONE EVERYWHERE: A Lot of Weird People Standing Around: 7”

Nov 24, 2009

This record came in some nice packaging. The cover is made from what seems like regular, plain, old brown cardboard, with a black ink drawing of some people that remind me a bit of Mike Judge characters (only better drawn). Clear vinyl. The music itself is pretty poppy, and the singer has a very earnest voice. I’m not too into the music; it’s a bit too “nice” for me, if you know what I’m saying. Although, I did like the first song on the second side more than the rest. They mix it up a little—in one of the songs there’s a bit that sounds like radio clips or TV infomercials, but it still doesn’t do it for me. The bio on the insert says it sounds like late ‘90s emo, and that it’s “warm and bright,” and I’d say that’s about right. The difference, I guess, is that I was never particularly into emo and the reviewer for their bio apparently is.

 –Jennifer Federico (Evil Weevil, myspace.com/evilweevilrecords)