May 08, 2013

The Evens latest album is their first in six years. It once again consists of Ian MacKaye on baritone guitar and Amy Farina on drums with both trading off vocal duties. The Odds is comprised of thirteen songs clocking in at forty minutes, and while there are perhaps a couple of tunes that might be fit to cut it’s not a major complaint. There is a good mix of vocals with MacKaye capable of being gentle in his delivery and Farina singing harsh and passionately. Their range in emotion and expression compliments each song. While nothing is as aggressive as Fugazi’s material, MacKaye’s guitar work at times seems reminiscent, although with baritone sound. There are some good grooves on the songs and they can be quite catchy, too. The biggest surprise with The Odds is the strength of Farina’s vocals and how nice it is to hear her singing lead on so many of the tunes. While not negating their past two albums, The Odds is easily The Evens’ best album.

 –kurt (Dischord)