EVENS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Oct 18, 2006

I’m not quite sure how it works, but Ian MacKaye is one of the few musicians I’m willing to follow virtually anywhere—this time, into a subdued duet with Amy Farina (the drummer for the Warmers)—and be pleased by what I’d wouldn’t traditionally give a second listen. Perhaps it’s the warmth of the songs. Perhaps there are more times in my life now where I’m looking for a little less chaos and a little more steeping time. Perhaps it’s the chemistry of having not being steered wrong under Ian’s musical auspices. Perhaps I’m a little more accepting of the idea that rage, although informative, can be less powerful than a whisper at the right time. It’s a quiet, steady, giving album that would be hard pressed to be further way from the blast of the Teen Idles and Minor Threat… yet I’m grateful and happy that both exist.

 –todd (Dischord)