Jul 26, 2009

For those either too young to know or too brain-damaged to remember, this is an old New York punk band that featured one Jack Rabid, also known as the head honcho at Big Takeover Magazine. The band existed during that awkward time between the downfall of the Big Apple’s “classic” punk scene surrounding CBGB’s and Max’s, and the rise of that city’s “classic” hardcore scene, centered around the 171A and, uh, CBGB’s. The music contained on this disc consists of a great “lost” album, and a great live set. The music is raw, crude and infused with a healthy dose of humor, as it should be. If you do happen to remember ’em, all their big hits can be found here, including the tracks from the “NY Thrash” tape and a studio take of “We Suck,” which this reviewer remembers only a live version being released prior (which is here also), which can be found on his tattered copy of the You Can’t Argue with Sucksess comp. Recommended.

 –jimmy (The Big Takeover; www.bigtakeover.com)

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