EVEN IN BLACKOUTS: Myths and Imaginary Magicians: CD

Jun 23, 2009

Since I got this, I can’t stop listening to it! Total pop punk – on acoustic guitars! And fear not! This still sounds like total rock and roll. Of course, with Mass Giorgini producing, how could it be otherwise? A bunch of guys and a girl singer, and even covers of “Hey Suburbia” and “Knowledge”! Granted, neither cover was super great, but any band that hasn’t abandoned their love of Screeching Weasel, Op Ivy, et. al for fear of being labeled uncool, is a friend of mine! This is Frosted Mini-Wheats! Basic folk set-up, with the frosted coating that we all know as punk rock! (Note to self: one day Todd and Sean will realize exactly how dumb my reviews are and replace me with Kurt Loder.)

 –maddy (Lookout/Panic Button)