Nov 22, 2009

Frenetic, spastic, goofy, and epileptic, Nardwuar is a traffic accident and the Evaporators happen to be in the van when he leaps from the back, grabs the steering wheel, and careens them off the side of the road. Bless him. On this short-runner, they’ve got Nard’s mania in a tight ball of electricity. “Touch Wood”: Electroshock The Smugglers and splice in Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna’s spiked uterus screaming. It’s a riot in two senses of the word (as in “funny” and “burn this fucking place to the ground.”). “Honk the Horn”: If you ever wondered if Screaming Jay Hawkins was white, recovered from an anyersm, and espoused full-on Canadian pride after a snippet with Tommy Lee’s cock print on a boat horn, wonder no longer. “I’m a Critic Like the Rest of Them”: picture hardcore favorites, The Neos, less doom and gloom, for exactly forty three seconds.  “I Don’t Need My Friends to Tell Me Who My Friends Are”: Yardbirds, but punk and better, with a bring-it-on-down spoken word segue. Color me impressed and tattoo a maple leaf on my ass, this is a fine, fine 7”.

 –todd (Nardwuar The Human Serviette Records)