EVAPORATORS, THE: Gassy Jack and Other Tales: CD

Mar 17, 2008

I’ll admit it, as much as I love Nardwuar’s interviews, and as intrigued as I was in his musical output, I’d never heard The Evaporators before. But GODDAMN, this is awesome. I was expecting mid-tempo, jangly power pop, and it starts off like a more eccentric version of Regulations. Then it quickly turns into some wacky, funny, way-danceable jams. To back it up, I received this at one of the most depressed points I’ve been in a while, and upon first listen I was jumping around, making the decision I shall travel to Vancouver to see them during the winter Olympics. Added bonuses are the videos on the CD version, plus an encounter with Courtney Love. This rules!

 –joe (Mint)