EU’S ARSE, THE / IMPACT: Split: 7”

This is an official re-press of a split between two early ‘80s Italian hardcore punk bands. EU’s Arse are arguably the godfathers of the raw punk genre, that is d-beat punk delivered with hardcore fervor and minimal attention to recording quality. Their side of this split is one Discharge-inspired distort-attack after another with agonizingly deranged vocals. Of all the early ‘80s Italian punk/hardcore bands such as Indigesti, Wretched, and Peggio Punx, EU’s Arse are by far the most underrated. Impact is a treat for me as I was not aware of their existence prior to picking this record up. Their brand of chaos is more traditionally balanced with classic hardcore styles but still as raw and frenzied as their split-mates. Now that this split has been re-pressed in grand fashion with two separate covers and inserts printed for each band, it is imperative that you hunt down a copy of hardcore punk history. 

 –Juan Espinosa (Black Water)