Jan 12, 2010

Estrogen Highs has a lot going for them. Their label (Dead Beat) sends out LPs for review. The LP they sent me came free of PR bullshit. Which means Dead Beat is not trying to fuck with me (or you) in such a patronizing way. And I think Gestapo Khazi is a labelmate of the Estrogen Highs; being even tangentially associated with John Roller puts you in good stead with me. Tell It to Them is a solid LP. A little bit Demon’s Claw—definitely into 13th Floor Elevators. The musicianship is strong. The guitar playing has that raw Eddie Cochran feel in some places—and the solo on “Age of Romantics” is aces. I’m also pleased that the bass is far from buried in the mix—it’s heard and felt. Most LPs in this vein skimp on the low end (a quality synonymous with mid-‘60s recordings) and that’s just ridiculous. (Don’t make the same mistake the early Gun Club did.) Affirmative on this one, amigos.

 –ryan (Dead Beat)