ESTRANGED, THE: Self-titled: “Fast Train” b/w “The Masses” / Sacred Decay: 7” / 45 7”

May 26, 2008

Cold, grey, distant, and discordant, but undeniably powerful, The Estranged isn’t happy face music. It’s not easy-gloom music either (which tends to break out the Misfits copy machine and fingers into skeleton gloves). Think along the lines of the darkness and intensity of Articles Of Faith. (After thirteen years of reviewing, I can’t think of another band that’s been more equal or suited to that comparison.) Medium-paced, gripping, hand-wringing music that takes its time, and makes sure you know that you’re in a place of their making. Don’t be expecting the post-nuclear d-beat holocaust of From Ashes Rise or Hellshock (of which members come from), go into this with the feeling that you’re about to be stalked and hunted musically, on a personal level, through a scope. This shit’s intense in an awesome (in the original meaning of the word) way. It’s well worth your time. 

 –todd (Self-titled: Black Water / Sacred Decay: Green Noise)

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