ESTRANGED, THE: “Entranced” b/w “Vilified”: 7"

Sep 30, 2008

I know I’m repeating myself, but if The Estranged hadn’t heard of Articles Of Faith prior to recording, I’ll boil my shoes, eat them, and floss with the laces. The A-side track is the fastest and most to-the-point I’ve heard from them, giving the most evidence of their pedigree in previous hardcore bands. The B-side is, by a small degree, more rough and loose than what’s on their excellent debut full-length, Static Thoughts. The Estranged walk a tightrope expertly; they retain their icy structures and foreboding qualities, while locking into a catchy, pocketed grooves. That balance separates them far above the glut of standard, more predictable fare.

 –todd (DeadIdeas)

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