ESPRIT DE CORPS: Under Constant Influence: CD

Jan 12, 2010

Kind of a ‘90s screamo attack that’s also somehow catchy and surprisingly unpretentious. It’s an odd grouping of sounds that works well for these guys: some nice gang vocals over punchy, nearly-anthemic dancepunk. Okay, yes, maybe review deadlines are looming and “dancepunk” conjures up something icky like the Faint. So scratch that. But I’d still be up for saying that EDC comes across as a workable, brick-and-mortar mishmash of Lost Patrol’s catchy dance shit and Orchid’s spastic hammer-yowls, with some Super Black Market toeing the line and smoothing things out in between. Add some nice chipboard packaging and friendly liner notes, consider the fact that they have a keyboardist who actually adds something rather than hinders or neuters the band, and Esprit De Corps comes out of the gate here with a pretty nice five-songer. Look forward to hearing what they come up with next.

 –keith (Esprit De Corps)