May 28, 2014

An instrumental album by Alex Cuervo of the Hex Dispensers and Brotherhood Of Electricity. Compared to the Hex Dispensers’ fast-driving, Ramones/Misfits-concise stabs of songs that watershed around repeated phrases, Espectrostatic is almost the opposite on the surface—no words, long song structures invoking alien landscapes turning from night to day, sounds as overlapping textures, synthesizers with the keys depressed for stretches (and if there are guitars, they’re definitely not the focus). But there is some overlap to Alex’s previously released material. Same mind. Different production. There’s a walnut-sized part of the brain called the temporoparietal junction. If it gets wonked, it can lead to adverse effects, like difficulty making moral decisions and the production of out-of-body experiences. This record’s creepy, like unearthly fog billowing underneath the threshold instead of an axe splintering a door (smoke opposed to blood). It’s atmosphere, insidious patience building, marching, swelling, constricting, releasing. It sounds like the score to a movie set in outer space made by ghosts. Intriguing. 

 –todd (Trouble In Mind)