ESPECTROSTATIC: Escape from Witchtropolis: LP

I remember one time while reviewing Alex Cuervo’s band Hex Dispensers that I felt that each song was like a story on an episode of show like The Twilight Zoneor Outer Limits. If that is the case, then Cuervo’s solo, electronic project Espectrostatic is the soundtrack to the individual scenes in any given episode of that same show. This is the second LP for Espectrostatic and I couldn’t be happier. I love to sink into the creepiness of songs like “Removing the Bandages” or “The Cold Spot” or get tensed up by the futuristic chase sounds of “The Feral Kids” or “This Is a War Universe.” As a horror and sci-fi fan, I really love how I can take the song titles, and while listening to the songs, I can fully imagine the scenario. It is a completely different listening experience and I can’t get enough. I’ve also got to mention the amazing cover art by Drazen Kozjan. It fits the record perfectly. 

 –ty (Trouble In Mind)