ESKATOL: Blodorn: CD

Mar 04, 2010

You can’t ignore music that is so intense sonically that it blasts your eardrums. This band from Oslo, Norway does not fuck around. They play a technically executed mixture of crust, d-beat, and metal. Gruff vocals lead the charge, backed by crunching guitars, forceful bass, and hard-driving drums. The production is key here. It’s well recorded and nothing is out of place. What they master—that a lot of bands cannot achieve—is the underlying, memorable melody that keeps me listening. Their power is unmistaken. From start to finish, this is one enjoyable listen. I get the same feeling listening to this band as I do Skitsystem or Wolfbrigade. All I hope is one day is that this band tours the States and I can experience this live.

 –don (Kjepp Kjappesens Raske Skiver,