ESCAPIST ARTIST, THE #32: $2, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 18 pgs.

Feb 01, 2016

As it turns out, Jolie Ruin is a huge Dave Attell fan. Stand-up comedy is admittedly not my world, but I have not come across Dave Attell’s name so much since, like, 2004. Ruin sees him multiple times a year and is probably the supreme authority on his career at this point. One of the longer features in this issue is a review of his most recent Cleveland show, as well as a review of a Tom Segura show. The comedy show reviews read a lot like casual blog posts, with more focus on details like what the waitress did that was rude than the actual performance. That’s probably fine, since I don’t know how one would even really write a thorough zine review of a stand-up act. There are also some samples from a comedian coloring book the author’s working on with her husband, so now I can color line drawings of Margaret Cho and Amy Schumer (not an activity I ever saw in my future, but I’ll go with it). And there are a few pages on her recent run-in with some Instagram drama. The copious caps lock and ellipses kind of give it the look of an internet rant, and I kind of wish the author would have gone a little more in-depth because the topic (racism) is so complex, but that’s how it is. Based on the two Escapist Artist issues I have received for this round of reviews, there have been at least ten numbered issues between last fall and this one. Could some of these have been consolidated to make a stronger, more organized handful of issues? Maybe. But this author seems like someone who won’t let anything slow down her natural stream of raw enthusiasm, so, honestly… more power to her. –Indiana Laub (The Escapist Artist Zine, 625 West Division St., Union City, IN 47390)