ESCAPED, THE: Escaped Generation: CDEP

Oct 16, 2008

Once again, Bill from Rodent Popsicle brings us another CD worth your money. This time it’s a CDEP by a band of lads called The Escaped. On this CD’s eight tracks, some are fast hardcore and some are street punk. Either way, they are all good. The band even features two vocalists. One is more of a rough and tough vocalist and the other is a fast, crusty type. Regardless of how you label them, the main point is that they are really good and this combination works rather well! The musicianship, as well as lyrics, is great, too. All in all, this CD gets a big thumbs up and is well worth your hard-earned cash. I won’t leave out that there’s a CD-R video also included in this CD. Not bad and all this is for only $5.98, too. Keep up the good work guys! –Mike Beer

 –guest (Rodent Popsicle)

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