ESCAPE THE FATE: There is No Sympathy for the Dead: CDEP

Jul 07, 2006

Something to review from Epitaph? I thought they went in another direction and abandoned the old standard of sending out material to small zines. Bad Religion, I will take any day. Pennywise, Bouncing Souls and maybe a few others I will sometimes go out and buy either for myself or my wife. But other than the old standards, I don’t know what this label puts out anymore. Judging from what I hear coming out of my speakers, they are looking for something outside of the punk scene. The closest thing I can think of is this band sounds like Avenged Sevenfold or that band that wears make-up, My Chemical Romance. Stuff I see on the Fuse channel when I check every once in awhile to see what the kids are into. It sounds like so many bands that are being passed off as metal but sounds so commercial because they add screamo or growling vocals interspersed in between the cheesy commercial emo pop punk vocals. I could see this on Victory but am shocked to see this released on Epitaph.

 –don (Epitaph)