EROGURO: Orgasms Achieved through Death: CD

Dec 30, 2008

This is a CD with a mission. That mission, as indicated in the booklet, is to create the sonic equivalent of Japan’s eroguro movement. Eroguro is an art and literary movement that combines the erotic and the gruesome. For the purposes of this disc, Jose Gabriel Angeles, the dude behind all the noise, bastardizes the definition a bit, stating that “it’s the ugly and the beautiful.” Of course, erotic doesn’t equal beautiful and gruesome doesn’t equal ugly, but I’ll let him slide. He certainly isn’t the first one to alter the definition of a genre for his own purposes. When music has a mission, I expect follow through. Unfortunately, the plot was lost somewhere on this recording. The scales tip in favor of the ugly. The grating sounds of electronic noise loops and buried screams overwhelm any attempts at beauty. All the listener is left with is noise.

 –mp (Sanity Obsolete,