Jun 22, 2007

The Ergs! are one of my favorite bands to come out within the past few years. No, scratch that, they’re just one of my favorite bands. The Modern Machines, with their Taco Blessing record, are inching their way up my list, too. On this split, both bands take on the Mersey Beat sound, each with a cover and an original. The Modern Machines take on “Bus Stop” by The Hollies. I was slightly skeptical because I really like the original, but they nail it and follow it up with a strong one of their own. The Ergs! bring a strong original as well, and cover one of the lesser played (but one of my favorite) Beatles’ songs, “Not a Second Time.” Due to my slowness at reviewing this (because I still have to replace my record player) I have a feeling this may be hard to find, but grab it if you see it.

 –megan (Grateful)