ERGS!, THE: Thrash Compactor: 1-sided 7” EP

Jul 06, 2010

Ostensibly, this is the last Ergs! vinyl to ever be released (assuming no reunions and/or live shows making it to vinyl a la Scared of Chaka). Thrash Compactor is a blood-clotted slapshot of five songs that would make The Neos or (short-hair) DRI proud. What makes me proud is that this 7” doesn’t come across as “Oooh, we’re a punk band (insert Homer Simpson prancy dance and finger waggling). Wouldn’t it be weird and funny to play all fast and thrashy?” Nope. It’s a bonafide thrash record made by a bunch of dudes who inflated the pop punk bubble past most people’s previous expectations, filled it with enough genres to kill a rhinoceros, then popped that bubble. The Ergs!, from their first record through the last, made music sound like a hell of a party. This one sounds like a bolt of lightning hitting the top of the capitol building. Viva Los Ergs!

 –todd (Grave Mistake / Firestarter)