ERGS!, THE / THE MEASURE [SA]: Split: 7”

Jan 12, 2010

The Ergs!: Nope, not back from the grave; not pulling a Nirvana, Sublime, or Tupac, where dead people keep on releasing “new” music. It’s just that in this imperfect world of punk vinyl, shit recorded gets out of sequence of shit being released. I know there’s more Ergs! vinyl coming out (Thrash Compactor’s on the way, I believe, along with a split with Teenage Bottlerocket) that was recorded prior to That’s It… Bye! It’s all bittersweet math, though, since we’re on the final pages of a book I don’t want to end. The Ergs! decimated many of the concrete walls of pop punk like Hulk smashing puny jello cups in massive fists, cheerfully squirting that goo which choked out so, so many lesser bands. Measure [SA]: it’s the small stuff that makes ‘em so great, like young, funny Chevy Chase on the cover, how they can make the political “Dullards and Dreadful Prose” sound like the bad relationship it is; a relationship of the far right and their courting of America’s soul and not just stuff like “Limbaugh suck dog tit.” Yup. Big fan of both.

 –todd (No Idea)