ERGS, THE: That’s It…Bye: 12” EP

Jan 06, 2009

For two weeks I disliked this record because it’s reportedly the Ergs’ last. “Resented” is more accurate. I wanted to grow old with the Ergs, take my kids to see them. A three-song EP didn’t seem to be an adequate send off. I wanted something enormous, cumbersome, more than I could handle. Then I realized that the band’s recent thirty-plus song compilation on Dirtnap serves that purpose. That’s It…Bye is the party favor from the wake (Wakes should have party favors!), three more Ergs gems that look back as much as they hint where the band might have gone. Now all three songs are stuck in my head and I find myself overanalyzing them. Does “Hope I run into you one day” (“Anthem for a New Amanda”) refer to a possible reunion down the road? Is “I’m just looking to get home” (“Piltdown Man”) the response? I’ll cut out before slipping into obsessive fan fiction-like obsession, but this is a great record. Thanks, guys.

 –Mike Faloon (Don Giovanni)