ERGS!, THE / MEASURE [SA]: Split: 7”

Mar 04, 2010

Measure [SA]: A slower, shimmering song about isolation, ice, and creativity followed by a quick blast. For me, Lauren’s voice is like a suture on a serious wound, holding and guiding the songs together with a fierce tenderness. Ergs!: Oh, yes, my friends, the Ergs! are still dead. This was recorded before That’s It… Bye! A fast one and a slow one, giving this 7” the feel of a late Sunday morning instead of a late Saturday night. I’m waiting for the future where records come with morning coffee and a nice, sunny day. Until then, I’ll just have to use the ol’ imagination. Two DIY punk bands—even when they slow it down—at the top of their form.

 –todd (No Idea)