ERGS!, THE / LEMURIA: Split: 7"

Jul 23, 2007

Ergs!: Man, they write some fuckin’-a happy sad songs—stuff that you want to shout at the top of your lungs when it’d almost be embarrassing to write them down in a diary. More great original material—with Theremin outtro. The Gin Blossoms cover: Facts I have to face. 1.) I was at ground zero, Flagstaff, AZ when the Gin Blossoms  ruled that hippie stinkhole of a music scene every time they came and played. It soured me plenty when this song became a hit. Those guys were douche bags of the highest slurpage. I have booed the Ergs!—with vigor and shaken fist, yet with a smile—when they’ve played this live. Some scars take more time to heal. If you didn’t have to live through it, I guess it’d be more tolerable. Lemuria: 50/50. I learned a bit back that Fifth Hour Hero broke up and that bummed me out. I like dramatic, female-fronted, poppy sweepers. Lemuria are thick with sensitive, sweatery, at-liberty with sorta-poetic lyrics which alternate between sweet to cloying. All in all, this teeters; wouldn’t have minded a bit more of a stern stare down or two, or the removal of one ill-advised “drum solo.”

 –todd (Co-released: Art of the Underground, Whoa Oh, Yo-Yo)