ERGS!, THE: Jazz Is Like the New Coke b/w Out There: 7”

Sep 05, 2006

The Ergs! are the new Descendents, which is weird to say because the Descendents are still around and still really good. But, with the Descendents’ pacing of four to five years between releases, one needs faster drips from the percolator. The Ergs! continue in rapid succession: that naïve-yet-razored wantonness of love, the bubbling instrumentation that masks darker sentiments, the almost-instant sing-a-long-ability, and undeniable underdog charm with Hüsker Dü-like teeth. They aren’t crying into flowers on pop punk’s grave. They’re etching their own new monuments in vinyl, a song at a time.

 –todd (Art of the Underground)

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