ERGS!, THE: Hindsight Is 20/20 My Friend: CD

Nov 16, 2008

By the time this goes to print, The Ergs! will have played their “last show.” Bummer, on account that I found them to be one of the most inspiring bands in the American underground today. This singles collection is a reminder why. Musically speaking, they weren’t afraid to just do whatever the hell they wanted. “Thrash about the monotony of touring? We’ll record it on our day off. Alt country? Bring it on, we’ll do a 7.” Call me an asshole, but that’s a lot more exciting than a lot of other formulaic bands I’ve seen get big these days. Then again, these guys still wrote some of the best, straight-up poppy punk rock songs about girls and being backstage at NOFX concerts in a long time. I hope more bands down the line take a lesson from these guys, because, at this point, I feel like if you don’t like The Ergs!, you’re an asshole.

 –joe (Dirtnap)

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