EPOXIES, THE: Stop the Future: CD

Jul 22, 2006

If anyone makes the snide remark that The Epoxies are an ‘80s rehash band, then their eyes must be dark brown due to the fact that they’re full of shit. Yes, The Epoxies borrow a half-cup of this and dash in a bit of that from some of what reared its head in the ‘80s, but it’s what they do with it that makes them so damn good when it comes to making records. There’s the winding synth that’s right in there with the pummeling rhythm section and rocking guitar, but it’s a pleasing mix that ain’t too rough/experimental, yet not too overproduced or slick like some of the clove cigarette smoke-filled, new-romantic dance hall slime that was spinning in the past. Roxy’s singing is a bit hard to put a finger on, but try and think of a young Chrissie Hynde (Pretenders) with the vocal meter of a young Leonard Graves (Dickies). Kudos to the Fat Wreck Chords folks for getting this second rekkid out in the hands of soon-to-be-fans. While you’re out doing yourself the favor of grabbing this, do yourself another and get their debut full length on Dirtnap. Both CDs will have you bobbing your head like a crack-ridden chicken in seconds flat (It’s true—it happened to me the first time I saw them blow the roof off The Echo in L.A. a few years ago).

 –dale (Fat)

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