EPOXIES, THE: Stop the Future: CD

Jul 22, 2006

I may not be able to articulate as well as others at this here mag in regards to this band. But I was highly anticipating this release to review and listen. I missed the debut 7" that sold real quick. But the dudes at Razorcake HQ made sure that I heard their self-titled full length. I was blown away like a scrap piece of newspaper on a windy day. That release had a long stay in the CD changer. A lot of bands are playing the second wave of new wave, but like any scene, only a few stand out. This band stands out. On this sophomore release, the production is much stronger and the songwriting has shown a continued maturity. They still have an amazing knack of creating and capturing the melody so that the songs are memorable and keep you humming. The guitars are much more prominent this time around and the quirkiness of the synths are not in the forefront but more complementary. In turn, the songs have more of a punch that you can feel from a distance. More rock and less novelty. Roxy Epoxy also sounds more confident in her vocal delivery. The vocals have more passion and I feel she gives the songs more emotional layers. Overall, they overcome the sophomore curse and put a release that is so much better than their previous product. If you haven’t taken the time to check this band out in the past, now is the time. Portland is kicking some major ass with the latest wave of bands coming out!

 –don (Fat)

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