EPOXIES, THE: Self-titled: 7" EP

Aug 13, 2009

Oh… my… gawd…. Nicholas Cage, pre-steroid enhancement, even pre-Raising Arizona was in a so fucking awful it was fucking great movie, one that sparked a world-wide movement of gagging on household utensils, mall abuse, skinny ties, and suburban misunderstanding. Valley Girl. It even had a soundtrack so influential that there’s already been a full-on punk tribute to it. The Epoxies. Two words: new wave. Androids. Male eyeliner. Slashy sun glasses. Androgynous voices (there’s both male and female voices, but they’re real similar), unabashed, up-in-front synthesizers. Word on the street (Not on my street. Ranchero music is ruling supreme, almost drowning out the cock fighting training) is that new wave’s the Next Big Thing. That, I could give two shits about. However, the Epoxies have sniffed the early ‘80s glue that nutted up Devo and they’ve huffed up a lot of Human League to know their chops, lay a beat, and whip up some catchy songs with Casio-esque flourishes. The punk rocker in me wishes for a tad more drive (a la Servotron), but this is far from ass.

 –todd (Dirtnap)