EPOXIES: Synthesized: 7"

Jul 10, 2009

Good lord, these guys keep on getting better and their LP is fantastic. (This 7" sounds a couple notches fuller, too.) They just seem so sure and strong in what they do, and your ass must be shot full of novocaine and your brain full of Vicodin if your butt doesn't wiggle along to the beat. Their power comes from each instrument fitting and everything's played with force, not merely tinkered with by a member enamored with the sound of a bleep. I sure see more people adopting new wave, but I've yet to hear one of the new crop that seems to have been born into it with such assurance. And it's so much better than an Adam Ant throwback because there's guitar snarl and a pounding drummer that's not programmed like a Casio. "Synthesized" is a perfect capsule of The Epoxies: tight songs, super sexy vocals, and limber guitar lines. A fuckin' rockin' cover of Alice Cooper's "Clones" rounds out the b-side.


 –todd (Dirtnap)