EPOXIES: self-titled: CD

Feb 18, 2009

The New New Wave is here you smacked asses and the Epoxies are at the front of the pack. How is it Seattle, Dirtnap in particular, keeps pressing records that fill huge voids we didn’t even know existed until we find ourselves spinning the disc for the dozenth time in a row? Somewhere between X-Ray Spex and Pat Benatar, the Epoxies have made a record with one foot in 1981 and another in this not-so-new millennium. The songs get up and go with snappy drums and bass lines, rocking guitars and a healthy infusion of spirited keyboards. (Their website even features a photo of a rare species of guitar known the keytar…) But what stands out is the songwriting. Singer Roxy Epoxy holds nothing back, no territory is deemed too private, no fear too painful to be explored. It’s courageous without crossing over into mawkishness or melodrama. Part of the appeal is nostalgic. The Epoxies have a weird cold war vibe that seems right at home in these paranoid times. Songs like “We’re So Small” and “Losing Control” feel like cold war anthems of the heart. This is a record about the next cataclysm – be it personal or global, public or private – that we can do nothing to stop. Post 9/11 love songs for your timid, tortured hearts.

 –jim (Dirtnap)

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