EPOXIES: self-titled: CD

Feb 18, 2009

As I was on my way out his door, this CD was handed over by our own Todd Taylor who smiled and said, “Just listen… it’s good.” Now, Todd and myself usually have one thing in common when talkin’ bands – if it’s good, really damn good, we’ll go out of our way to share and/or suggest bands to the point of irritating people (Me being the more irritating one, trust me). This CD from the Epoxies is what was missing in the record bins in the ‘80s. This is the new wave that should have been buzzing out of your parent’s speakers during those house parties you threw while they were out of town. Really great songs played by a very competent lineup along with a synth player who is spot fucking on, unlike some of the throwaway Flock Of Hairdo bands that came and went some twenty years ago. I hear hints of The Rezillos (“Stop Looking at Me”), X (“We’re So Small,” “Bathroom Stall”), and let me tell ya, it’s all done quite well. I think Roxy Epoxy could very well sit in for Chrissie Hynde if Chrissie ever needed a stand-in for one of her Pretenders gigs. I have the feeling the next time the Epoxies are in LA, I’m going to be flailing spastically ala Jim Decker of The Crowd (who would be a good band to bill the Epoxies with). And you silly gooses thought that Seattle only shits out Starbucks all over the country. Well, guess again, fucko – here come the Epoxies.

–dale (Dirtnap)