EPICYCLE: You’re Not Gonna Get It 1978-81: CD

May 28, 2014

Just when you think that the Killed by Death series and its myriad of imitators has squeezed the last bit o’ goodness from the underground, another gem plops right into yer lap. Epicycle was a band outta Chicago that released several singles and an LP during the titular years, yet somehow have gone relatively unnoticed in the years since despite the adoration of early fans who went on to great success during the underground’s “grunge” era. The music here, culled from the aforementioned releases as well as demo tracks and one live cut, is giddily good from a band that gleefully defies any immediate assessments—just when you’ve got ‘em pegged as a buncha street hoods cribbing influences from the same records as the Runaways and the Damned, they wrench you in the earhole with rough and tumble power pop complete with twangy guitars and multi-part harmonies—and stands as another great example of an era when the whole point to “new” music was to experiment and create instead of playing to the same staid, cookie-cutter pigeonhole. 

 –jimmy (HoZac)