EPIC PROBLEM: '11 – '14: CD

Jan 19, 2016

Some releases are a joy to review and this compilation is one of them, as I already possess all but two of the featured seventeen tracks. This CD brings together all of the songs that the band—which includes former Blitz bassist Mackie on guitar—recorded during the first four years of its existence. It’s good to have them all compiled together. With a punchy melodic punk quality along the lines of The Great St. Louis and a penchant for Rancid-like basslines, Epic Problem has already amassed a fine body of work in a short time. There are countless hooks and riffs which only took a few listens to take root in my head. This album is an inexpensive way of catching up on some excellent tunes. 

 –Rich Cocksedge (Boss Tuneage, bosstuneage.com / Pumpkin, pumpkinrecords.co.uk, [email protected] / Savage Amusement, savageoi.com, [email protected])

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