May 26, 2008

At first, I was all like, “If EYC says, ‘Let’s ride,’ I’m there!” because I was pretty sure they’d be going to some awesome place. Then I started thinking that they might wanna ride out to a campfire; so, I was thinking that I’d just stay home. Then I was like, “Wait, do they wanna go to a bar? It doesn’t sound like a bar I wanna go to, but maybe it is… ” At the end, I was thinking that they wanted to go Xmas caroling, and I was like, “Yeah, it’s cool. I think I see my bus coming.” Let me reiterate. When they’re on, they’re pretty all right. It kinda reminds me of Tulsa. A less zany, cleaner, more structured Tulsa. They have some rockin’ guitar leads that came at me like a curve ball, but they don’t ruin the tracks. There are two acoustic songs that are sequenced near the middle of each side. One has a sing-along feel; the other has more of a story time sound. Neither of them is that bad, they just hurt the album’s flow. Then there’s the last track. Well, um, it sounds like a goddamn Xmas carol. I don’t understand why it’s on here, but I’m glad it’s at the end.

 –Vincent (Bring Back The Magic / Dead Tank)