ENTROPY: Gross National Product: 7”

Nov 21, 2006

This definitely fits right into the Smogtown, Smut Peddlers, Crowd, early Hunns galaxy. It’s got those buzzy-hummy guitars, the New Beach Invasion (West Hollywood Chapter) broken bottles and vials in the sand disease, snot rag vocals, and that “Ooh, we’re fucked, but it’s sunny outside” vibe. What sets them a bit apart is the superfuzz psychedelia at the edges (don’t worry, there’s no “jammin’”), but there’s that early Mudhoney ballsiness and sickness that gives them an extra punch, where they coulda just been spinning their tires. To up the ante, it comes in a gorgeous silk-screened cover, with the spider for the hole, and all the little details that make you say, “God damn, vinyl’s awesome. This shit’s worth protecting.” Gorgeous little package, both in sound and sight.

 –todd (Bad Idea Music)