ENTROPY: Gross National Product: 7”

Jan 18, 2007

I can’t believe I’m holding this in my hands. Their debut record was supposed to be out, if I remember correctly, around 1984-85. I had a conversation with the lead singer, David Hinnebusch, outside of Fenders Ballroom in Long Beach right before an Adolescents show. Based on that conversation, it didn’t seem like it was something happening anytime soon. He looked like he was loosing the battle between drugs and the band. Not too long after, he fell out of the scene. I saw them recently and was surprised that they had reformed and were performing again. It was definitely a blast from the past for me to see them onstage. I have to admit that I did have a copy of their demo from back then, but have no recollection of what they sounded like. But when I first played the title track, my wife, sitting next to me, started to sing the song. I was in shock when I heard her voice come out of nowhere. I couldn’t even remember the song and here is my wife singing along. So obviously this song was most likely on the demo. She was also part of the westside of L.A.’s punk scene in the early ‘80s and saw them numerous times and, I am told, hung out with the band a bunch of times. Coming from that time period, the songs have what we term now a beach punk sound that was so prominent in those times. For some reason, I thought they were more thrash. But you have to realize that they were real fast for the time. So that is where that thought must have come from. I’m not sure if all the songs came from their early incarnation, but if they did, they have stood the test of time. Three songs that have a good combination of snottiness and anger. Being the first release on Julia Smut’s new label might have been a gamble, but it should pay off because the songs are great.

 –don (Bad Idea Music)