ENTH: Self-titled: LP

Nov 17, 2011

The barely legible metal font superimposed on images of graves and clocks on the cover of this thing let you pretty much know what you’re getting before you open this record up. The record is two long-ish doomy metal tracks along the lines of early Iron Monkey/Cough/that one Weekend Nachos record. The record “takes off” halfway through the first side, and I have to admit that the riffs are good when they’re there. The goth parts are good and I wish that element played more of a role in the whole recording. I don’t mean to slam the album, as I did enjoy listening to it, and I’m thinking that my atypically happy mood is affecting how I feel about this. It’s a fine example of the genre and my friends that are more into this sort of thing would appreciate this a lot more. My only legitimate complaint about this record is that it is a perfect example of why I’m sick of goofy subgenre vocals. The low end vocals on this record sound terrible and I think if they had just done something that was more conducive to their natural voice; it would have sounded a lot better. Despite this oddly negative review, I’d rate this at a strong 3/5 stars. If this is your sort of thing, I feel obligated to let you know that, apparently, only fifty copies are available in the U.S.

 –Ian Wise (Halo Of Flies)