This record is a bonafide masterpiece of epic doom. Both bands deliver some impeccable music here. Seriously, one of the best I’ve ever heard of this genre. Enth come on with the heavy riff that lumbers and lurches. Sounds ooze and float in the din. Every hit from the drummer is pronounced, thought not bludgeoning. What makes this song great is how the piano comes in behind a crunching and noisy break, and the vocals change from throaty growls to spoken and sort of in the background. This is actually heavier than the rest of the song. The mood grows more cold and forlorn—the viola at the end stays with you long after the record is over. Amarok are along the same lines, maybe a little bit slower and more brooding. Focus on the music and you will find yourself moving in time, as though you’re banging your head in slow motion. Three vocalists, and usually that’s overkill, but here it works. The guitars create this sound that hangs in the air like dark storm clouds off in the distance. Every hit on the drums is deliberate. The vocalists stretch the words out then compress them into deep, corrosive growls. Very hypnotic listening.

 –M.Avrg (Halo Of Flies, haloffliesrecords.com)