ENSAM: Self-titled: 7"

Sep 05, 2006

Licensed from Fight Records out of Finland, a U.S. label releases a band from Finland that might turn a few heads. Take two members of Riistetyt, one from Kaaos, and a former Brazilian that used to be in Neurose Urbana & Desastre to create a band that is influenced by Swedish Hardcore. That made me look twice. Female-led and with a power unit of experience, this band undoubtedly made me pay attention. A sampling of four songs that I hope is a precursor of what is to come of this unit. The hardcore songs are fierce and memorable. I was intrigued the most by the slower number entitled “O Eterno.” The song has a brooding quality and from the translated lyrics of living in a long winter of depression that seems fitting. Now that I have been sold, I want more.

 –don (Bro-core)