Oct 16, 2008

I’ve noticed a lot of the discs I’ve picked up of late have taken a bit of a shift toward the “arty” end of the punk spectrum. While this isn’t always a bad thing (especially when it’s obvious that the band in question is trying, for good or ill, to “do something different”), some bands can end up wallowing in a sea of their own excesses and egos. Luckily, this ain’t the case here. Granted, some of the songs may be a little longer than is good for ‘em, but the bulk of what’s here is blissfully sloppy, skewed, minimalist to the brink of incompetence and played with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The result is something that would sound great sandwiched between Suburban Lawns and Flipper on one o’ them weekend late night “underground punk rock” shows.

 –jimmy (Magic Spot Productions)