ENGLISH SINGLES, THE: “Disaster” b/w “Face Don’t Fit” + “Not Talking Anymore”: 7”EP

I can’t be the first to think that Sacramento and ChristchurchNew Zealand could be sister musical cities. Both Flying Nun and Squirmy have the pulse of jittery, crackling, minimal-yet-full pop. If this was the ‘60s, it’d be incredibly popular. That pop—popular pop. (Not the 2010s robot-voice recorder pop.) If this was the ‘90s, it’d be sporting a K inside a shield logo. For fans of Knock Knock, Nar, Bright Ideas, and the Bananas’ love songs about not fitting in and not giving a fuck. Silkscreened on a white dust jacket. Classy and highly recommended.

 –todd (Squirmy, [email protected])