ENGLAND’S GLORY: City of Fun: 7”

May 06, 2015

Wanna have some fun? Invite that one friend of yours who likes to fancy themselves thee definitive Velvet Underground fan, offer them a seat near the stereo and a nice mildly intoxicating beverage, quietly put this on the hi-fi in the background, and watch as their eyes slowly saucer up with the realization that you have somehow gotten your hands on some Velvets obscurity that they have heretofore not heard. Let them stew in their obvious inferiority before gently breaking the news to them that what they’re hearing is, in fact, not an outtake by Mo and the boys, but rather a single culled from recordings made in 1971 by an obscure band that went nowhere and would likely have remained “lost” if not for the fact that some of its members went on to form the Only Ones and be responsible for a classic of the early punk/new wave era, “Another Girl, Another Planet.” Their initial shock is warranted, however, ‘cause the two tunes hear bear an uncanny resemblance to the Velvets’ later output, and feature a singer who’s a dead ringer for Lou Reed. The tunes are top-notch and hold up surprisingly well considering the forty-four years that have passed since they were recorded. Your pal might ask for your copy, but make them get their own. Better tell them to hurry, too, ‘cause there’re only six hundred of these puppies floating around out there. 

 –jimmy (HoZac, hozacrecords.com)