ENERGY, THE: The Energy’s First Album: LP

Nov 17, 2011

Boy, did this one catch my eye when I opened the review box. The cover has a dense, psychedelic design silkscreened in red and blue for a “need 3D glasses” feel. The music is similarly disorienting. Churning, five-minute punk songs with the occasional brain-frying rock’n’roll lead, topped off with Spits-ish vocals chanting some modern Telltale Heart serial killer shit. I was hooked upon first spin and have played this record a lot, trying to find a concise way to describe it. So, what am I hearing here? Reagan-era T.S.O.L. hardcore that mixes in rock’n’roll, “Loose Nut” Black Flag creepy neighbor music, Fucked Up’s songwriting filtered through garage rock with much better results, me standing up and feeling short of breath while turning the record over again….

 –CT Terry (

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