ENERGY, THE: Get Split: LP

Nov 15, 2011

When the Energy’s First Album came out, I distinctly remember being drunk at a party one night endlessly spouting off about that record and this band and how great they are, coming off like a weird version of the Adolescents with a strange, mostly monotone vocalist whose lyrics come off like reading a case study on psychopaths and sociopaths. Get Split is their second, LP, and it builds upon the first but with better production, and specifically, much louder guitars, which in turn makes this more of a “rock’n’roll” record than the first LP. If I were back at that party again drunkenly spouting off about this record instead, I would probably say that they’ve thrown a little Detroit guitar wankery into the mix, and it works well. The Energy, along with fellow Houstonians MuhammadAli (of which the Energy contains one ex-member of) are two of the best bands in Houston right now, and this record will only help put Houston on the map.

 –Mark Twistworthy (Team Science,

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